Blessed Through Travel


So at the beginning of the year I promised myself that I would take one trip a month for six months - with the understanding that If permitted , I would take a trip once a month or as often as I could every month of 2017. So far I've traveled to Miami, Washington D.C., Virginia and Maryland.

Miami was a trip for me to reconnect with my family, something that I think ... no, that I knew I needed going into this year particularly because I'm approaching my twenty ninth year of life. And before you say it, yes I know its only twenty nine, however, for me twenty nine is a pivotal year because Its the year before I leave behind my unknown and many questions of "who am I?". Visiting my family symbolized the journey of which I've traveled through and what it took for me to get to this place of life love and tribulation.

More so than anything being able to sit with my dad whom which I still call daddy, as an adult and speak as men was most definitely a proud and significant moment in my life.

Being able to spend time with my brother Genesis whom you all know I'm obessed with was amazing as well, just being able to see him in all his glory and celebrating his accomplishments.

My travels to DC / VA / Maryland wasn't something I planned with any intent to perpetrate any kind of "ah ha" moment but simply to get out of the city. I wanted to simply keep the goal of traveling at the forefront of my life. But some how this trip has opened my eyes and my heart in ways I myself could have never foreseen.

Being down this way, I've seen what life seemingly should be, at least for me. Calm, purposeful and filled with magic in an array of ways - work, life, love, etc.

Its also been extremely profound to work with my team here in DC from GenesisLevel which I absolutely adore them and appreciate their hard work and dedication. Each and everyone of this individuals have been a key part of Alans (Founder of Genesislevel) vision and its amazing to see them bring his vision to life.

While here I've also been able to reconnect with an old friend hash out some history between us and just be able to enjoy each others company.

I say all this rubish to say that I'm happy with life at this moment and I intend to keep it going and pray that God continues to bless me with the opportunity to travel and discover all that He has for me.

Noah at the MLK Monument