Top Five Must Reads For Millennials ... Or You too!

 Some Of My Favorite books 

Some Of My Favorite books 

Everyone is always looking for a particular thing or fix or person to give them the answers to find success quickly. This was me a few years ago. I went searching for success or the quick route to success in people, places and yes, things! I bought software, I bought clothes, I started hanging out more with people who I thought were successful. 

Aside from spending my every waking moment trying to figure out what I was going to do or become, I spent a lot of time trying to find a quick solution to success, and thats exactly how I found out that hard work and enlightenment were the answers. 

Through all the searching and buying and events and even people, I realized that If I wanted a certain level of greatness in my life, I needed to connect with those whom I wanted to be like, or, if I'm being completely honest, wanted to be! In most cases walking into Russel Simmons office and just having conversation is almost impossible, or, walking up to Hill Harper in a Starbucks and saying " Lets grab a chair, I have some questions" are damn near impossible (not totally). But these men and so many others have given us other options, they have provided windows so to speak into their worlds, through their books! 

Top Five

Over the last few years I've made it a point to read and reread in some cases as many of the books by those that have inspired me, I find it both empowering and humbling to be able to take a deep look into a persons process, their thought pattern or even just their understanding of their success. 

So I figured I'd share some of the amazing books I find imperative for those moving to a new city, chasing a dream, starting a business or simply starting over - I think these five books will be of great help for so many reasons ! 

  • SUPER RICH BY RUSSELL SIMMONS -   Super rich provides a clear understanding that when you are in pursuit of money it will run away as fast as you can chase it. The teaching that is provided to everyone in SUPER RICH is based on this ideology that we are as wealthy as we choose to be when we remove the weight of money and look at the many other levels of wealth that we have everyday - from health, family, dreams, friends, the work we do etc., when we realize how full we are, we begin to attract or call into our lives so much more.  
  • LIKE A VIRGIN BY RICHARD BRANSON - This book was a recommendation by my friend Tyleek because at one point in my life I was in love with my position as a retail store manager and I shared a love for increasing others lives as well as leading by example. Richard Branson or Rich as I like to refer to him in my head, shares a level of understanding of what it means to pursue dreams, building companies, learning to fail with an openness and appreciation. Rich walks you through taking that first step to becoming a business, and kills every old concept of business or building a business. 
  • THE POWER OF NOW BY ECKHART TOLLE - We all love Echart Tolle, at some point in your education you've either heard a quote by him, read his book or simple just saw his picture. Mr. Tolle is well known for his ability to educate and mentor others on the beautiful experience of living a well balanced and awaken life. The Power Of Now journeys through the exploration of leaving everything that keeps up stagnant behind and move into this place of love and peace and power. I recommend reading this particular if you are in a place in life where you're just not sure whats next. 
  • IF YOU HAVE TO CRY GO OUTSIDE BY KELLY CUTRONE - THIS IS THE BOOK OF ALL BOOKS!!!!!! I had just moved to New York City when I was in Barnes and Noble in Union Square and picked up this book! The reading was mind blowing from beginning to end. Kelly keeps it one hundred percent as she does and is known for you! She shares the evolution of Kelly Cutrone and can I just say that I related every step of the way. Kelly, again is straight forward - she's not forcing a teaching but she's giving you light into one of themes powerful Publicist in the fashion industry and in that alone you learn so much and believe me, you'll be inspired without doubt !!! 
  • THE WEALTH CURE BY HILL HARPER - Hill Harper is just magic!!! Hands down this young man has been a key factor in so many of my decisions its insane. The Wealth Cure is a discussion surrounding life ... NOT MONEY!!! Hill takes us along as he is traveling across country and while doing so journeys us through a particular friendship that opens his eyes to the necessary corrections needed to be made in life in order to find balance and just a since of peace ll around. Hill discusses the process of moving from becoming a Lawyer to finding his passion for Acting. Its okay to make mistakes and find yourself. Just do it with open eyes and loving spirit. 

Each of these books have changed me for the better and I hope they do the same for each of you! Let me know what you think and share some of your favorites with me!!!