Rock Bottom - What that looked like.


What does it feel like when you've hit rock bottom? Could acknowledge once you've hit that momnet? Neither could until I came out of it. In fact, I can recall now, the very moment I fell into the darkest point in my life ... I was sitting on bench in union square in 2013 and I was waiting for a deposit into my account that never happened, my rent was over due, I had no groceries and I literally had not eaten all day. I had no one to call and I felt like I was going to fall to pieces ...


Today I'm sitting on that very bench waiting for a similar deposit... but this time, rent is due and I've eaten. 

I say all this to say, we go through shit and in the moment we feel hopeless or helpless ... but honestly - it's just a moment people- find the "okay place" ... you know, that place that says " I'm going to be okay" and go from their!

love you!