Take some time to listen

Noah Love

Many of you have heard me say it time and time again, that Life isn't this thing or series of events built to destroy, rather, I think its important that we see the things that take place in our lives as building blocks- they're here to teach us, love us, allow us to love ourselves, how to maneuver through life, teach us how to remove people places and things from our life when necessary - and because we don't always get the message the first time - life will force us into a repeat offense or replay or familiarity. 

The point of life isn't to hurt us, its to get us to a point of understanding and in order for each of us to get to that point, we have to start listening ... and no I'm not talking about listening  to those who give us advice (solicited or not) but I'm talking about listening to that deep voice within us. The voice that speaks internally but we always seem to ignore it. I know its not always easy listening to ourselves or our higher selves, however, its a must! 

To help you practice this listening skill I'm going to give you a few tips to practice daily that I myself utilize daily in order to focus on my listening skill: 


  1. When you first wake up, now matter how or when its done - close your eyes and acknowledge that you are open to guidance and welcome direction toward your purpose. 
  2. Practice gratitude !!! Look around and thank God for what is present, look at everything and see its value! Everything that has value! 
  3. Smile!!! Believe it or not, smiling sends a message to your brain and body that you are ready! Ready for what ? Why ever you follow through with. 
  4. Breath ... Regulate your breathing and watch your body and mind relax... this allows you to hear clearly, speak with authority. 
  5. STOP!!!!! Stop for a minute ... be present and acknowledge you in the moment. This perpetuates the power of awareness and assurance of self. 

Practice these 5 keys and let me know how they work out for you!