Your Greatest Power Starts With Your Words - Are You Choosing Wisely?

Noah Love

When you first wake in the morning to the last thing you say at night all plays a critical role in the way our lives are processed, dictated, created, lead. I is essential to each of our individual lives that we learn to speak in a positive and purposeful way. Everything from who you are, what you are, what you have, what you love, what comes, and what goes ... is all created by the very words we speak. 

Jesus himself created the world starting with a single statement "  3Then God said, “Let there be light”; and there was light." Genesis 1-3. He (God) was purposeful in what He wanted to take place. He wanted there to be clarity as he began His creation. 

Much like God at His very beginning, we must be clear about what we want and then we must call it into place. 

How many times have you found yourself explicitly declaring everything that you don't want? .. Okay, now try to recall overtime you've said what you want, and said it with certainty, with authority that it is yours? ... Now of the two, what have you reluctantly received in life? If you're like me, you've seen your share of what you want, you've been authoritative when it comes to aspect of your life, you know what you want from family, you know what your child should be , you are clear how you want your home, or how you intend your life partner to be. But there are parts of your life that you are uncertain about, you question everything, you question your ability to achieve certain things, you feel insecure in areas of your life that not many people know, this is the place in which you know what you absolutely do not want and if you had to, I'm pretty sure you could write the book. But!!!! Ladies and Gentleman, this is the exact place in our lives that we need to claim a victory, this is where we need to identify and clarify exactly what it is that we desire. The universe, God, will give us exactly what we need or want, but If we are so concentrated on what we don't need, that will be our take away .

When we first wake in the morning whats your routine? Lets try adding some reinforcements to our start to jump start our day : 

  1. Prayer / Gratitude.  Instead of starting our day asking for anything, Lets simply be grateful for new life, after all, every day is our first gift and we ought to be thankful that we are here! What else are your grateful for ? What ever it may be; present or future, say your thanks - Gratitude brings about increase. 
  2. Smile! Its said that if we smile it changes our mood instantly, force or not, smiling sends a positive message to our mind which communicates to our body that everything is amazing and in doing so, the body is equipped to fight bacteria, depression, headaches, and so much more. 
  3. Dance! Now before you think I'm crazy - I'm no bodies morning person, ask my mother, I'm like the worst person ever to talk to in the morning - But I've made it a point to change that and dancing has helped me! I play music , gospel, Beyonce, jazz, what ever speak to my soul and I play it and I let my spirit feel it. Yes, some times my soul likes to twerk!!! And I go all in! I feel so amazing after it! 
  4. "I am " Affirmations - I'm  a firm believer in these! It could be anything you find positive I am beautiful , I am Happy, I am whole today and every day, I am filled of joy, I am successful
  5.  Before walking out the door, reinforce everything you've felt during your start - its yours to own, so long as you OWN IT!!! 

These are all great practices that I myself put into play every day and I recommend them for any one looking to make an adjustment in their life. I started this a few years ago as I needed a shift. I'v been my best self ever since! 

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