Its Gonna Be MAY!!!! - I'm Excited For A New Month!

New Month, New Goals!!!! 

Here we are in a new month and I couldn't be more excited about it! 

I always look forward to a new month - for me it allows for new small and big beginnings and in some ways major endings. I believe in process - start something, work through that something and eventually finish that something. April I started a few projects and I'm honestly happy to know that at the end of April I was very blessed to finish each of them - so its only right that I start something new in May! Not to mention its my birthday this month!!!!!! My 29th birthday at that! 

April I committed to posting more via the blog - and I'm happy to say I was successful in posting 6 blog post !!!!! Exciting right !!!!!!! I posted " Top Five Must Reads For Millennials ... Or you Too!!" Then there was " I Failed At Blogging A Long Time Ago - But I'm Still Blogging" .. oh and " Rock Bottom - What That Looked Like" Of course I posted about the Kardashians in " KKW X KYLIE COSMETICS - SISTERS WINNING! I'M HERE FOR IT"  and then there was the one about spiritual listening " Take Time To Listen" and of course the one about Tea!! " Morning Boost - Alternative To Coffee" which I'm still obsessing about. 

This month I'm committed to more fashion influenced post and more Life Empowering post ! 

Be sure to check back for more from me! Trust me, journeying through this process of finding my voice is a lot of fun, tears, and happy moments!