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Noah Love - Image by Jason McQuain

Noah Love

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I couldn't tell you how many times a day I get asked the question " How amazing is it to work in the field of your dreams?" ... And Honestly, I always answer with this big smile on my face because I don't consider myself actually working IN my field, but somewhere along the outskirts ... just barely aligning with those I am inspired by. But I'm aware that being able to be on a set with some amazing people; Designers, Actress, Actors, Models, and everyone who creates the magic - Photographers, editors, lighting, Makeup, Hair's more than a honor, it's my reality.  I'm always in awe of all the magic. 

I'm also usually excited and humbled by the excitement of others who like working with me or find value in what I do or what I bring to their vision or team. I love it because I never see myself as that big of value to others ... I mean don't get me wrong, I think I'm amazing !!!!!! But I know there are so many others who do what I do. 

 Genesislevel Model Agency 

Genesislevel Model Agency 

June 8th I shot with my Genesislevel Team to create some amazing images for one of my new signed models - She's absolutely amazing and I can't wait for you guys to see what we have in store with her! I literally smiled and sang all day as we shot because I was so blown away by the magic that was made! I couldn't, of course, take all the credit !!! The photographer Jason was amazing! He understood my vision and executed with no problem! 

June 11th The Genesislevel Shoot continued with our Models for portfolio updates for a few of our models who have been with us for awhile. It was a nice day in Dumbo Brooklyn, somewhere I've become extremely obsessed with !!!!!  Jason was our photographer on this shoot as well! It was low key and very much about business but I enjoy being creative so every project takes high priority and always has my full attention. 

 Dally Perez 

Dally Perez 

June 14th Dally Perez is magic!!! Just remember I said this okay!!!! So I met Dally during fashion week with AMCONYC - she was our TV host for AMCONYC TV and she interviewed me for one of the segments and she and I hit it off!!!! I was first shocked after fashion week when she hit me up about runway sessions! I'm always geeked when people reach out to me. Then she hit me up to work with her on her shoot and I, of course, jumped at the opportunity to work with her! Dally is this powerhouse of Talent; Actress, Model, TV Host, and beautiful spirit! Her energy was just amazing to be around! The team we shot with was just as amazing as her - Photographer: Nikki Margarita, Makeup by Danish Fowler, Hairstylist Dezzy Storm, and the super fab stylist Bria Van Cooten - The entire team was professional and it made me happy to see so many amazing young faces doing what they love and I can't wait to hire each of these people onto my projects! 

Needless to say, the week was amazing, the month of June has been amazing and I'm excited to see what the rest of June will bring! 

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