I love Monday - I choose to live in Gratitude!

Happy Monday guys!

One of my favorites days- and honestly, this hasn't always been the case. I think it started once I moved to New York City - the city is so alive on a Monday - everyone's running to the office or a gig or having their morning jog and I just get excited about it all. Life is in full motion on Monday and no one is left out.


This week I'm focusing on gratitude - I want to live in the constant flow of gratitude for everything and everyone !!!  

If any of you have ever read The Secret  then you know what I'm talking abut. Gratitude provides a sense of positive attraction as we are celebrating all that we, placing full value on all things in all ways. By doing so, we are encouraging our desires and the universe to place us in position to continue to receive all that we are deserving of and those that we are not. 

So make today about Gratitude, make every day about gratitude, now watch your cup runnith over!