Don't Miss Your Moment, Waiting For The Perfect Moment.

" it's just not the right time - when everything is perfect, I'll do it" .... the biggest lie told to us by us ...  

 Noah Love - Blogger / Self Love Coach / Runway Coach / Model  

Noah Love - Blogger / Self Love Coach / Runway Coach / Model  


I remember my dad telling me "it wasn't the right time" when I said I wanted to move to New York City. He wanted me to save more money, get out of debt, help him with his business, help my mom, ... then it was I wasn't ready to be on my on, or I was a failure of some sort, or I needed to be successful in my own city first ... every time I turned around it was another reason why I wasn't ready ... 

Till one day, I had had enough of things not lining up at the same time to let me move to New York  - it was one of those " Fuck it " moments. I bought my ticket, one way, to New York City. A decision needed to be made, I felt, so I made it

"Life waits for no one" - every conscious human who lives honestly.  

The perfect moment doesn't exist, no matter how accurately we plan or how responsible we are, or how wealthy our family may be, shit happens! And it will continue to happen ! Make a decision !  

A simple decision is the one factor that separates you from the you now and the you you intend to be. 

Make a decision and watch your life change! 

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