Those New Year Resolutions haven't expired! You're still in the race!!!

Eight months into the new year, well , here we are entering the ninth month - theee months left and you still haven't lived up to your own expectations - no worries, there's still time!!!

Sure you've wasted time procrastinating, making every excuse why you couldn't start that business or change your body or just live a healthier , happier lifestyle- the good thing is , there's still time to better yourself before you walk into another 365. You don't have to wait till a new year is indicated by the stroke of 12... execute now! 

Regroup and give yourself full permission to go super saiyan on the rest of this! ( Drafon ball Z reference - 80's babies will get it! ) 

Take everything you have : finance, time, education, passions, love, all of it and make your change today! Make your dreams reality today!!!  

Now I can't physically help you with this, though I would love to!!! BUT! I can supply you with some amazing motivation and insight via Instagram - the following individuals are perfect role models of positive reinforcement - they use their process, much like myself, to pour into both our youth and those seeking to be the very best version of themselves.  

Here they are !  

So don't feel bad or like the rest of the world has past you by, because honestly, you're right here in this moment because the universe intended to have you here - that and your choices align you for better. 

Happy Tuesday and I pray and declare that you, from this very moment live purposefully and everything you touch hence forward multiplies!!!  

Love you!  

 beach get away - first vacation of the year  

beach get away - first vacation of the year