Are you still punishing yourself for old mistakes? Or still looking for acceptance? Stop!

Found myself feeling really down a few days ago. It was weird but very familiar territory.  


I found myself comparing my process to others; I wanted to understand why someone who works less, cares less , makes better progress than I do. I'm looking at people both in my inner circle, my family and co workers - all who seem to just go through life, but some how seem to be far happier, far more successful than myself.  

I've spent so much time working crazy hours, educating myself, never ever being angry at my situation, my upbringing, my home life, I always maintained a very " God is good" attitude.  

This or these emotions ever so often pop up and get me pinned in a corner and I start doubting myself.  

Have you ever been there? It's a very scary place - it's often opposite of what we put out into the world, right?  

How do you fight that feeling?  

I've created a system of battle I like to call " silent zone" - it's where I allow myself to go through these emotions and experience exactly what I'm feeling and address them individually - I've never been one to hide or run from myself. 

I usually take a hot shower and just LET my mind run. I cry, I get angry, I sob, I pray, I laugh then I breathe... in and out until I feel free of the emotion(s). 

Eveeything we feel comes with a lesson ; teaching us to love openly, to understand we are more than just mistakes we've made. Some times these emotions are really created by our desire to be accepted and that's a damaging journey - it's common but dangerous. There's a quote from Jim Carey as he gave his Master of Ceremony speech at Princeston " Your desire to be accepted will make you invisible in this world" ... I've read this quote a thousand times this week as a reminder that I am enough so long as I love me and accept me above all else. And you are too! You are enough, you are more then enough - don't work to be accepted, it's a hard job trying to fit in someone else's box. 

Make it a point to worth through these emotions every day - they come - and will continue to come and it's a solo job to work through these emotion- your ability to live, love, inspire, motivate - are key abilities that you yourself have to utilize to work your troubles.

Here are some helpful tools :

  1. Meditate ( Feel and breathe through silence )
  2. Prayer : Give the anxiety to God ( The universe )
  3. Call a friend over : It's imperative with use our circles to empower us. A safe space of out pour and reeneegizing experiences.
  4.  Smile! It's been said and proven In many cases, smiling produces endorphins that's change our mood positively.
  5. Excersise : Work it out!!!! 30 minutes of cardio changes your mood!!!

Alright love! You got this!!! Don't fear, live in power of love.