Closing Starbucks Stores - What Will We Do?!

Today’s the day that over 8000 Starbucks company owned stores are being closed this afternoon for what is called a “ Anti-Bias Training” … a training some skeptics are exactly sure will work at all.

As a Starbucks enthusiast and overall lover of coffee, I’ve both excited and nervous for this afternoons closing :

Excited : It’s a goes to show just how aware the company is of its immediate issue and tho a single day won’t change views, or correct every single possible mishap as it pertains to color or racism as a whole, I think it’s important to applaud effort where it warrants it.

Nervous : My coffee addiction is real people. I have a coffee right before I leave home ( Keurig Vue with Starbucks pods ) I have my usual Black Eye Venti with two shots of caramel syrup, 4 pumps of classic and no run for milk … my afternoon coffee choice is actually tea - venti dirty chai with four pumps classic. My after work drink is  red eye with two pumps of caramel and almond milk…


Via Morning Brew news letter

“So what should Starbucks employees expect this afternoon?

Videos from Chairman Howard Schultz and Common (the artist) will help people "see each other fully, completely, respectfully."

They'll explore the (long) history of racial discrimination in American public places.

Each store will receive a "tool kit" for ongoing learning in self-guided groups.

Seems like Starbucks is saying all the right things. But will any of know, work?

Bottom line: No one thinks four hours of racial bias training will move the needle by itself. BUT, this single afternoon could signal an important shift in how corporations confront issues of racial discrimination. -


What are my expectations personally coming from today’s events ? Well honestly, I’m simply hoping that both Starbucks and it’s employees walk away with a better understanding of equality and overall respect.”

In April, I think, was action that was taken on behalf of personal beliefs, and I believe it’s important to hire those who understand that wrong in profiling or judging someone based on color, or any other racial identities.


Hopefully we see aggressive change going forward.