Howard Shultz - King Of Coffee ... President Of The Free World?


Starbucks executive Schultz to step aside, mulling 'range of options... 

Earlier this Month - it was announced that Howard Shultz, whom I affectionately call Coffee God, announced that he will be leaving the Starbucks throne later this year.

This comes as a surprise but not really - with recent streams of interviews with Shultz, there have been strong and consistent speculation that he might go for that other type of business - you know, the White House ( I confess I couldn’t get any more clever with that ) any who, Shultz has been very vocal as it pertains to community service over the years and though he has never served in the military or positioned him self in public service, I think Shultz has demonstrated a very necessary leadership quality that has reflected in the Starbucks consistent growth over the last 3 years - now, before you say it - no this isn’t the rule which got Trump elected - the opposite honestly - Shultz may have not served in office or be a political figure, however, Shultz has taken part in political conversation and initiatives that directly effect communities that require attention …

Now, this isn’t a “ Howard Shultz ‘20” proclamation - what I’m saying is with him stepping down - it’s almost certain that a political future is in his future and I’m completely here for it.


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