30 Days In - How Deciding To Live Fearless Worked For Me


So like every other excited human being, once the clock struck 12 - I, my readers, was pronounced a new person with new dreams and old ones with new storylines. I love an opportunity where I'm given a new start, and, like many of us figuring out life and what we are doing, and what's the next move, or simply need a reason to reset the clock, the new year was my chance to declare all things new and better! 

I decided to make 2018 completely about being fearless!!! 

I've wanted to do a few things for some time now and because I'm literally my biggest critic, I've usually talked myself out of doing certain things, starting my podcast or opening an online store, designing clothing, writing my book, starting a company, doing more of what I love... I self-sabotage if you will.  

But not in 2018 - coming into 2018 I decided I wouldn't hold back - If I had an idea, this year I was going to see it through - fail or not, I was going to be a doer all year! And that's what I'm doing ... Thus far. 

Top of the year I launched my online store - est517online.com (Brand: est5:17) - its a direct reflection of my personal style and things I find to be staples, or creative or just super cute. I wanted to be able to guide and share with my friends, kind of like helping a friends shop but literally giving them direct options.  


To follow, I was super excited to launch Noah Online The Podcast. This is an extension of my blog IamNoahLove Online. I love sharing my journey and through my blog, my friends and people across the globe get to read my craziness, my lessons, my joys and get to really know me and experience some amazing things with me, and now, with the podcast - you get to hear me!!! How cool, right? Right! 

One of my dreams came true toward the end of 2017, I got the opportunity to start my very own Management company, this came directly after an unfortunate experience with a previous company that I was working with and when I realized that there were unethical practices. I decided instead of allowing a bad experience to overshadow several models aspirations to have careers, I started my own management company to guide and assist them, thus, iA Management LLC  / iA Group LLC was born. 

iA Management.png

This all comes while still building my own personal brand ".Iamnoahlove". Buf of course, these are all part of my growing brand. I working toward creating a body of work that creates an opportunity for others and encourages those who seek to be more than their circumstances. I share my own story very often, I come from nothing and I make no excuse about it - But I cherish my experiences as they are defining moments for me, and its important that we all undertsand, we can change our lives in every moment of life. 

I'm a little busier this year, but I'm also a little bit happier with who I am as well. 

Waste no time feeling inadequate or unqualified. You are more than enough, you are exactly what this world needs and that desire to create is literally going to change someone else's life.