Dear Old Friend, We Aren't Friends Hence Forward - Letting Go Is a Win, For Me!

The Difference In Me...

Growth through process

Here's Your Two Weeks Notice

Serving notice to a few people in my life. No, I'm not mentioning names in this post, but I'm certain that they will know exactly who they are, and honestly, If you feel some way about this letter than so be it.


I went to LA and had the best time - I mean, I walked around the city, I sat out in the sun, I ate the best of food, had the best laughs, cried, slept, worked, I lived!


I guess being in a new city with people who I both loved and am directly inspired by, somehow in one way or another, positioned me to learn a few needed lessons, open my heart up, affirmed my vision for my life and just really energized me.


We, you, I, take for granted small pleasures of life; the laughs of others when we make jokes or hear something funny, we miss the subtle nuances right before a friend smiles, the embrace of your brothers, the smell of a morning breakfast being prepared, the silence of the ocean. We miss it, and we miss it often. I don’t want to miss these moments anymore - I want to recognize them - I want to experience them every day …




For the distractions of the world, in my life, in my heart … here’s your two weeks notice. I’m no longer interested in your inconsistencies or lack of interest in who I'm becoming or what I aspire to be.




Around the time I was learning to jungle sand balls in middle school in theatre class, I was also learning the power in having friends, and having lots of friends - I mean its literally paid to be well known in school - kids were eager to buy something or friends were willing to support you in going to every school dance or buy your boy scouts popcorn and if they were real friends, the bought your candy bars every single day to support the drama team to go state competition.


This isn't school and unless your name is paycheck or W2 then having a shit ton of friends doesn't benefit anyone.


What's important now is solitude and purpose.


I'm not entertaining people who lack a sense of greater purpose or simply choose to be okay with what life is, I won't travel through life with haters who disguise themselves as supporters … Its too exhausting and honestly counterproductive.


I'm removing those that don't make sense anymore -

And I say " Don't make sense" because they just don't fit my life anymore - I've outgrown the friendship and it's sad in ways because I've grown, but you haven't.


Many won't understand this and will either question my silence, or make remarks about my not being present, and I'm honestly okay with it - I'm okay with the backlash because the forward movement is all I can think about.


Turning 30 is teaching me a few lessons and one of those of is priorities in the company: The Set up of relationships - Does it add to me, can I learn from you, doe sit challenge me, will it elevate me. Priority.



I say bye here - and there is no malice, there is hurt and/or sadness, because what is happening has been happening a long time … I just finally accepted the terms of my growth.


Chao my loves, Be good.