Me and God Made Coffee

I woke up today crying - I felt the weight of the world on me and it was more than anything I’ve ever felt before.

I laid in my bed and just cried and cried, I looked around and realized I was completely alone and that made me cry even more. 

I laid in my bed and went over everything that looked** like it was going wrong, I organized the chaos in my mind, I thought about everything that was greater than me - I just cried, I literally gave up more and more the more I thought about it all.  

Me & God Made Coffee ( Photo Credit- Noah Love ) - iPhone X  

Me & God Made Coffee ( Photo Credit- Noah Love ) - iPhone X  

But because I’m a creature of habit, I said my prayers and asked God to be God... that’s it, Lord just be you.  

Pulled myself out of bed and started getting ready for work and I said nothing , I thought of nothing. 

Every morning I make a cup of coffee- I told you, creature of habit- and as I walked to my kuerig I had a moment with God**. I’ll share a little . 

A few weeks ago I prayed to God about everything that was happening and all the things I knew without him I couldn’t handle. I asked Him to remind me about peace, I didn’t ask Him to take it away, I simply asked Him in those moments where I forget and give into fear to remind me that peace is my God given right.  

So standing at my kuerig, God very softly reminded me that He has given me peace and stability for this very moment - I cried. I cried because in that moment I was standing in my peace, yes , standing in my kitchen at the coffee maker was peace, walking around my apartment was peace, my ability to pray was peace, life was peace.  

And so He began to speak to me - and I want to share this message with you:  

We are all going through things in our lives, and there will come a time when we all are like me, some early morning hour, laying in bed with our tears drowning us- we will for a minute allow our issues, problems, pains, to take over, we will give them more credit than we should, but what we must remember is , these things are temporary- they come to teach us, challenge us, move us, inspire us. The fear of it all shouldn’t be the echoes we hear daily, they should be the constant reminders that you are being prepared for exactly what you asked God for.  

Have you ever taken note to how often things seem to go wrong right before you come into some really amazing things? God, the spirit, the universe - how ever you see it - it was done to prepare you.  

When things start to look crazy and or like they are stacking up against you, find a corner, a room or where ever and speak into your own life - You are a beautiful person who has seen good and bad days but you survived. You are not a victim and everything you need to thrive is within you. Today may be a really bad day but it’s not the end, it’s not your end. God is right there with you, you’ve just got to acknowledge Him.  


love you all, 

Have a great day. 





  1. **looked - “nothing is as it seems” - my dad taught me that, and I’m sharing it with you. 
  2. **God -    God is the voice that comforts me, that addresses me within my heart